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Posted by Rich Rosenblatt (Faculty) on March 3rd, 2014 at 05:16 am
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The power of knowledge from your peers is such an amazing thing. A few weeks ago, a new user was posting on the boards about some difficulty they were having figuring out a problem with their new machine. The problem was that on his post op x-rays, he was seeing what he felt was an open margin. He was feeling frustrated and came to the cerecdoctors.com message boards to hopefully get some answers. What followed on that thread was one of the best learning threads I have seen in a long time, lead by numerous dentists. Some were faculty, some were mentors and other just rabid users of the site and of the technology. They helped this doctor break down his process from imaging, to design to cementation technique. Were there critiques…sure there were. Did the entire thread remain incredibly positive and supportive…you better believe it.

We were all new users who struggled at points during our learning curve. The majority tend to come out much better dentists because of it. I am so proud of the people who participate regularly on the cerecdoctors.com message boards. They offer advice because they are probably paying it forward for help that they were given along the way by others on the journey. I find CEREC users, and the folks who frequent the message boards to be some of the kindest, most knowledgeable people I have ever come across in the dental industry and possibly in life. Some of my best friendships have been formed from the people I have met there.

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Getting back to this thread, it turns out that it was not a cement thing but a prep thing mainly. Some great advice was given by many, and one of our magnificent mentors (Dr. Marc Thomas) gave a great visual tutorial. Low and behold, the new user posted an x-ray of his next CEREC seat. This one looked just text book!

This blog is a shout out to an amazing community of people. If you are having issues and not on the message boards asking questions as to why, you are truly missing out. Some of the best people that you will ever cross paths with are there and waiting to pay it forward. Stop on by and see what I mean. Also, I want to thank Dr. Oscar Vega, who I asked permission to share this thread and he responded with this “Please feel free to use all my images for a blog post. I joined the website for this exact reason and I hope my learning process can help others. All the input from everyone has helped me troubleshoot each step of my CEREC protocol and I think I finally honed into what I’ve been doing wrong.”


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Check out this thread for starters to see how it inspired me to write this blog: http://www.cerecdoctors.com/discussion-boards/view/id/27586/page/1

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– See more at: http://www.cerecdoctors.com/blog/view/id/764/sharing-cerec-knowledge#sthash.HNNufD0J.dpuf

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